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Laptop, Desktop and Netbook Sales

Doty's is an authorized reseller of Lenovo, Asus and Hewlett-Packard (HP) computers



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Laptops (aka Notebooks)

It used to be once upon a time that there were definite differences between laptops and notebooks, with notebooks generally being smaller and lighter than their laptop counterparts. However, today the terms are often used interchangeably. The main thing is that they are a screen connected to a keyboard with some hinges. These are usually desktop replacements and can do everything a desktop computer can do. 


Netbooks (aka Mini PCs)

Netbook computers have become the rage in the past few years, with their smaller, lighter design and low price, but there are some definite differences between netbooks and their larger cousins notebooks. Netbooks, while very small and light, normally do not come with any optical drives. Software usually has to be loaded onto them using a USB memory stick or an USB (external) CD or DVD drive, or downloaded from the Internet. Some people buy a netbook purely based on price, thinking it's the same as a notebook. Netbooks are designed mostly for heavy Internet usage only, or listening to MP3s.


Desktops (aka Towers)

The old standard of the personal computer world is the desktop PC. These have evolved greatly since the early days of huge boxes that sat on your desktop. Now there are micro towers and even thin client chassis that take up hardly any room on your computer desk. They are, however, not designed to be portable. They also require monitor, keyboard and/or mouse to be plugged in separately.

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